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G2 Buyer Intent + Bombora Integration


  • Monitor buyer research behaviors for Intent signals
  • View first and third-party Buyer Intent data in my.G2 
  • Target high-intent accounts when they’re actively researching
​​This integration gives a sample of Bombora data and is free for all G2 customers on Pro & Power plans to set up.

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How it Works

Bombora provides additional intent data insights from its B2B data cooperative directly in my.G2 for G2 Buyer Intent customers.

  1. Select up to 25 topics from Bombora’s B2B topic list that are relevant to your business, products, and competitors. 
  2. Bombora detects intent signals against your selected topics from the B2B websites in its Data Co-op.
  3. Directly in the my.G2 Buyer Intent dashboard, view accounts showing intent on both Bombora and G2.com.

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or activate the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Get more intent signals

With Bombora and G2’s sources of intent data being mutually exclusive, signals from both indicate very high intent and can highlight key insights at every stage of your buyer’s purchasing journey.

Build messaging that resonates

Having account-level context on the specific topics your accounts are researching from Bombora, and also your product, category, and competitors on G2, helps you build messaging that is personalized to your buyer’s interests. 

Deploy timely campaigns

Leverage engagement and ABM platforms to send personalized sales outreach or trigger marketing campaigns to engage your prospects and customers as soon as an account is actively showing Buyer Intent. 

Drive full-funnel results

From response rates to marketing conversions, and shortened sales cycles, powerful intent signals will focus your efforts on the accounts that are already interested in you. Timely engagement will aid your accounts through the funnel, and faster. 

Data Exchange


G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent


Company Surge Accounts

Company Surge Accounts

Company Surge Topics

Company Surge Topics

Next Steps

Already a G2 customer?

Activate this integration: log in to my.G2 > Integrations Hub > Bombora.

Not a G2 customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Not a Bombora customer yet?

Get in touch with someone at Bombora to schedule a demo.


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