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G2 Profile + Chili Piper Integration


  • Optimize your G2 Profile for lead conversion 
  • Connect your profile CTA to Chili Piper to automatically schedule prospect meetings 
  • Qualify and convert software buyers into meetings directly from G2

This integration is for G2 customers who are also customers of the Chili Piper Form Concierge product.

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How it Works

Connect your G2 Profile’s CTA directly with Chili Piper and enable software buyers to instantly schedule a meeting with your team.

  1. Build an Inbound Router that connects your G2 Profile to your Chili Piper meeting scheduler.
  2. Customize your CTA button, offering buyers the ability to “Schedule a Demo”, or “Book a Meeting”. 
  3. Collect qualified leads and automatically schedule meetings with software buyers on G2.  
  4. Track meetings booked from your product profile(s) to attribute opportunities and revenue pipeline to G2.
Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or get started with the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Grow your qualified inbound lead channels

Buyers are researching your product and competitors on G2. Chili Piper assigns these high-quality G2 leads in accordance with your existing inbound flow, based on priority, account fit, and other lead qualifiers.

Boost your lead-to-meeting conversions

 Capitalize on the traffic coming to your G2 profile by offering buyers the convenience of scheduling a meeting with you in an instant.

Automate the handoff process

The average vendor takes 42 hours to respond to a demo request. Drastically reduce your response time by eliminating the manual work of coordinating schedules, and seamlessly schedule qualified prospect meetings for the assigned rep. 

Facilitate and expedite software buying

Your G2 profile is an entrypoint for prospects to walk through your front door. With your brand assets, authentic customer reviews, and now the ability to schedule a demo, software buyers have all the information they need to take the next step on their buying journey with you.

Drive pipeline and attribute ROI to G2

Track opportunity progression from the meetings booked on your product profile(s). Drive demand through your profiles and attribute opportunity influence and revenue pipeline to G2.

Data Exchange


G2 Profile CTA

G2 Profile CTA

Chili Piper
Chili Piper

Form Concierge, Inbound Router

Form Concierge, Inbound Router

Next Steps

Already a G2 Customer?

To activate this integration, log in to my.G2  > Integrations Hub > Chili Piper to get started.

Not a G2 Customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Not a Chili Piper customer yet?

Get in touch with someone at Chili Piper to schedule a demo. 


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