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G2 Buyer Intent + Cognism Integration


  • Discover accounts researching you and your competitors on G2
  • Surface the right decision makers to reach out to from Cognism Prospector
  • Streamline prospecting and reach out to contacts at the right time 
​​​​This integration offers a free and limited portion of Cognism Prospector data to all G2 Buyer Intent customers.

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How it Works

Operationalize G2 Buyer Intent data faster with ideal customer contact data surfaced from Cognism Prospector. Cognism’s leading global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies shows you who to email and call at your high-intent accounts.

  1. Activate the Cognism integration in my.G2.
  2. Configure your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with contact titles and countries that you want to target.
  3. Select a Buyer Intent account to surface ICP-fit contacts from and business contact data will appear from Cognism in my.G2.
  4. Send outreach to your ideal point of contact at companies that are actively researching you on G2.

Learn more and activate the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Find the right people at the right accounts

Buyer Intent signals tell you exactly when to reach out to your prospect accounts. Cognism Prospector tells you who to reach out to. Save time prospecting and focus on what you do best: selling.  

Keep your contact data fresh

Get the most up-to-date data on your most important accounts. Cognism’s B2B data is fresh, accurate, and fully compliant with global data regulations. Use it to engage contacts who have transitioned into new roles and organizations.

Power timely outreach and close deals faster

Craft custom messaging for each Intent signal that is relevant to the persona you’re reaching out to. Resonate with your prospects earlier on, and accelerate your deal cycle knowing you’re reaching out to an in-market account.

Leverage high quality, GDPR-compliant business data

Cognism partners with top UK law firm, Sheridans, to build a sales and marketing data compliance engine. All of Cognism’s business data is accurate and kept up-to-date in accordance with GDPR Article 5 1(d).

Data Exchange


G2 Buyer Intent Accounts

G2 Buyer Intent Accounts




Next Steps

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To activate this integration, log in to my.G2 > Integrations Hub > Cognism to get started.

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