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G2 Syndication + Crayon


  • Analyze competitive insights from G2 Reviews in Crayon
  • Get notified when competitors get G2 Reviews
  • Act quickly to beat the competition

All Crayon Competitive Intelligence customers have access to G2 Reviews 
within the platform. 

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How it Works

Enterprise and mid-market companies use Crayon to capture, analyze, and act on market movements from across their competitive landscapes. The software tracks competitor digital footprints spanning 100+ data types, and helps teams activate competitive intelligence (CI) across the entire organization. Build high-impact deliverables such as battlecards, newsletters, and more.

Insights from G2 are used as a valuable source of intel in the Crayon platform, with competitors’ product reviews automatically added to Crayon’s searchable, customizable stream of CI data. AI automatically detects anomalies in your competitors’ reviews, and team members can be notified of new reviews automatically through a Slack integration.


Business Impact

Surface the right competitor data

Over 1.6M+ validated customer reviews are searchable directly in Crayon’s Competitive Intelligence data. Access real, user-generated content to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities against competitors.

Personalize your outreach

G2 gathers reviews from a wealth of user personas, industry types, and company sizes so you can develop personalized battlecards and marketing material that cater to each customer’s individual story.

Hone your strengths that differentiate

Eliminate the guesswork and get to the heart of what makes you unique. G2’s  thorough and comprehensive review vetting process gives you an accurate view of your competitive differentiation – right from within your Crayon dashboard.

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