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G2 Buyer Intent + Marketo Integration


  • Find accounts researching you on G2
  • Get alerts for high-intent accounts in Marketo
  • Prioritize sales and marketing activity 
  • Drive opportunity pipeline and close more deals

The Marketo integration is available to G2 Buyer Intent customers who are also customers of Marketo.

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How it Works

When you sync G2 Buyer Intent with Marketo Engage, you give your marketing and sales teams access to real-time Intent signals that are designed to fill pipeline with qualified opportunities and close deals.

  1. Connect with Customer Success to opt-in to syncing Buyer Intent with Marketo.
  2. Create new fields in Marketo to map to your respective Buyer Intent data.
  3. Based on a match with the G2 domain, Buyer Intent will map to existing Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. 
  4. Build dynamic Smart Lists to house Buyer Intent insights and inform relevant actions.
  5. Keep sales and marketing updated on intent activity and set up Sales Alerts, email campaigns, ABM, and more. 

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or activate the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Improve your lead scoring

Refine your lead scoring model and add additional engagement information to accounts for your sales and marketing teams. Factor how many times an account has viewed your Profile or Category on G2 into their overall lead score to better prioritize activity. 

Create better, more relevant Smart Lists

Filter your granular G2 Buyer Intent signals by Category, Competitor, or Profile views to develop ultra-targeted campaigns with relevant messaging to your buyers’ interests.

Nurture prospects at the right time

G2 Buyer Intent syncs to Marketo in real-time, so you can trigger your outreach to accounts as they are actively researching you or your category. 

Launch retention and expansion campaigns

Leverage Compare and Competitor Intent signals with your other account information, (i.e. current product uses, account health, etc.) to create robust Smart Lists that power customer-focused campaigns.

Data Exchange


G2 Domain

G2 Domain

G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent






Next Steps

Already a G2 customer?

Activate this integration: log in to my.G2 > Integrations Hub > Marketo.

Not a G2 customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Not a Marketo customer yet?

Get in touch with someone at Marketo to schedule a demo. 


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