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G2 Profile + Navattic Integration


  • Show the full breadth and depth of your product on your G2 Profile  
  • Deliver immediate value with interactive product demos that show off “aha moments”
  • Collect qualified opportunities while reducing customer acquisition costs

This integration is for customers with paid G2 Profiles who are also customers of Navattic.

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How it Works

Increase top of funnel awareness by adding interactive product tours and demos directly to your G2 Profile.

  1. Create self-guided demos in Navattic to display as media on your G2 Profile.  
  2. Add your demo link to Product Profile > Interactive Demo in my.G2. 
  3. You may also add this URL to your profile’s custom CTA in Buyer Activity > Leads > CTA Settings. 
  4. Analyze completion and drop off rates in Navattic to improve demo quality and optimize for conversions over time.

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or get started with the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Increase prospective buyer engagement on your G2 Profile

G2 data shows that interactive demos get 2 - 3x more clicks than other profile media assets. 

Showcase a reliable and relevant user experience

Interactive demos look and feel like your actual software, so prospects can trust they are getting an accurate and up to date product experience.

Use G2 as a marketing channel and drive qualified pipeline

Switching from traditional videos or screenshots to interactive demos can  positively impact your marketing KPIs and fill the sales funnel with qualified leads.

Keep up with product updates

Ensure prospects have access to the most recent UI and features by simply swapping screenshots.

Next Steps

Already a G2 customer?

Activate this integration: log in to my.G2  > Product Profile > Interactive Demo.

Not a G2 customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Not a Navattic customer yet?

Get in touch with someone at Navattic to schedule a demo.


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