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G2 Syndication + Reputation


  • Monitor brand performance and feedback from everywhere
  • Act fast and gain a competitive edge
  • Improve your reputation and Customer Experience

All Reputation customers will benefit from G2 Syndication directly in the Experience Management platform. 

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How it Works

Reputation’s Experience Management platform changes the way companies gather and act on customer feedback to drive decision making and enhance Customer Experience programs. Reputation’s interaction-to-action platform translates solicited and unsolicited feedback data into prescriptive insights at scale.

The patented algorithm behind Reputation Score X™ provides businesses with a reliable index of brand performance in order to make targeted business improvements.

G2 Syndication is a source of verified, authentic reviews and user generated feedback that Reputation turns into fuel to help businesses grow and improve. Within a single platform, businesses can view, monitor, and respond to G2 Profile Reviews to actively manage customer experience. 


Business Impact

Monitor and maintain your brand reputation

Easily view and manage all of your business listings from one location in Reputation's Experience Management platform. Respond to reviews and shorten the feedback loop to maintain your brand’s credibility and positive customer experience.

Build trust and visibility in market

Maximize and optimize your online presence by ensuring all of your listings across the web, including on G2, are updated synchronously. Give buyers the information they need to consistently find, research, and review you.

Improve product and customer experience

Collect detailed feedback and user-generated content directly from your users that empower your team to make informed decisions. Let verified, authentic G2 Reviews be the power source behind your product roadmap to reduce churn and boost retention.

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