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G2 Profile + SafeBase Integration

  • Showcase your security posture to potential buyers
  • Add a competitive edge to your G2 Profile
  • Accelerate security assessment in the buying process

This integration is for G2 customers who are also SafeBase customers. 

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How it Works

Connect your G2 Profile with your SafeBase account and accelerate deal cycles by shortening the security review process.

  1. Customize your Security Profile on SafeBase. 
  2. Simply copy and paste your SafeBase Profile URL from the Trust Platform in my.G2.
  3. Showcase your security SafeBase badge on your G2 Profile.

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or get started with the integration in my.G2.

Business Impact

Showcase your security qualifications

Many buyers consider security to be a key differentiator in their software evaluations. Display your SafeBase certification badge on G2 Profiles to help buyers identify your solution as a potential option in their buying process. 

Accelerate the security assessment process

86% of software buyers on G2 involve a security stakeholder in their purchasing process. Give buyers the opportunity to evaluate your security qualifications early on—enabling them to complete an important step in the sales process and leading to shorter sales cycles.

Data Exchange


G2 Profile

G2 Profile


Security Profile

Security Profile

Next Steps

Already a G2 customer?

To activate this integration, log in to my.G2  > Product Profile > Security to get started

Not a G2 Customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Don’t have a SafeBase Profile license yet?

Get in touch with someone at SafeBase to set up your profile.

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