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G2 CRM Connector + Salesforce


  • Sync G2 data with Salesforce® to automate and increase visibility of crucial insights
  • Create intent-driven workflows to trigger sales and customer success actions
  • Measure the impact and influence of G2 

​​This integration is available to G2 customers who have purchased the Salesforce Connector app.

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How it Works

Measure the impact and influence that G2 has on your customers, buyers, pipeline, brand, and business. G2 CRM Connector is the fastest, easiest way to get all of your G2 Intent data, Reviews, and Content in front of your Sales and Customer Success teams.

G2 Buyer Intent
The G2 Connector for Salesforce makes it easier than ever for teams to identify active buyers looking for software and services like yours on G2.
  1. G2 captures Buyer Intent signals on accounts conducting relevant research on G2.
  2. Account-level information is sent to Salesforce in real-time.
  3. Salesforce identifies by domain and matches data to existing Salesforce account records.
  4. Set up workflows and automation rules so you can take action immediately.
G2 Reviews
The G2 Connector syncs all Review and Response data from your G2 Profile to Salesforce, allowing you to send relevant testimonials to your prospects throughout the sales cycle.
  1. Collect reviews from your customers.
  2. Map reviews to your Customer Accounts in Salesforce.
  3. Use Reviews to influence buyers, engage customers, or calculate customer health scores.
G2 Reference Pages
Customize outreach to customers by sharing relevant peer insights from your G2 Reference pages.
  1. Identify your target audiences’ needs and challenges.
  2. Create a custom Reference landing page with relevant G2 Reviews and quotes.
  3. Access all Reference Pages created by your organization directly in Salesforce.
  4. Easily share custom-built pages with the right prospect or customer audience.
G2 Licensed Reports
G2 customers who have access to Licensed Reports can distribute designed assets (Grid Reports, Index Reports, Momentum Reports, and Comparison Reports) to customers for sales outreach and marketing campaigns.
  1. Access Licensed Content from Salesforce.
  2. Organize the content to make it easy to navigate and share with your company’s Salesforce users.
  3. Send the preferred G2 Licensed Report to prospects and customers.
Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or activate the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Prioritize accounts

Use G2 signals to identify in-market buyers. Focus sales attention on active accounts to increase conversion rates. Associate a weight to G2 visits according to their signal strength to incorporate with other Intent data sources.

Discover new in-market accounts

Filter out G2 Buyer Intent organizations that didn’t match to existing Salesforce Accounts to identify new target companies that have recently shown interest in you and your competitors on G2.

Identify churn risk and opportunities for account growth

Context from G2 helps build Customer Success. Notify customer account teams when a current customer is looking for alternatives to your product, comparing you against competitors, or viewing other pages related to your category on G2. 

Streamline access to marketing and sales enablement content

Share G2.com Reviews with the world, directly from Salesforce. Go a step further and create Reference Pages that highlight those reviews in an appealing, easily configurable package.

Data Exchange


G2 Domain

G2 Domain

G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent








Next Steps

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