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G2 Data + Snowflake Integration


  • Bring G2 Buyer Intent, Reviews, and/or Market Intelligence data into your Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Activate G2 data using Snowflake and other business tools
  • Measure and analyze ROI, business impact, competitive standing, buyer journey trends, and more from G2 data

Buyer Intent and Reviews data is available to G2 Pro or above customers who are also customers of Snowflake. A separate G2 Market Intelligence package is required to access that dataset in Snowflake. 

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How it Works

Get G2 Buyer Intent, Reviews, and/or Market Intelligence data for your G2-listed products into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Gain the flexibility you need to layer G2 data alongside other data sources in order to analyze and monitor trends amongst customers, prospects, your category, and competitors.

When used in conjunction with other Snowflake Marketplace providers, G2 data can be actioned in other business tools, including data visualization, business intelligence, and numerous marketing or operations systems.

  1. Request access to the applicable G2 dataset  (Buyer Intent, Reviews, and/or Market Intelligence)  in your Snowflake Data Cloud. 
  2. Provide your Snowflake account details to your assigned G2 account owner.
  3. Data will be provisioned to your account and will enable all Snowflake workloads ( data warehouse, data lake, data sharing, data science, etc.) to include G2 data. 

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more or get started with the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Gain flexibility with G2 data in your source of truth

Remove data silos and bring buyer intent and review data across all of your G2-listed products into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Query any G2-provided data point to create a data story and support smarter, more holistic business decisions. 

Measure ROI from G2 Buyer Intent data

Understand exactly when G2 plays a role in the purchasing process. Combine G2 Buyer Intent with other 1st or 3rd party data for a more complete picture of the buying journey. As a result, measure G2-sourced and influenced pipeline and revenue.

Analyze trends in customer and prospect behaviors

Streamline analysis and discover trends in your buyer journey across all account types. Uncover seasonality in product interest, or understand growth across business segments, regions, etc. The ability to leverage Snowflake Data Cloud for historical Buyer Intent data and Review data gives relevant business context over time. 

Enrich data science models

Map G2 data to other datasets in your systems of record, making it easy to create and access a single source of truth. Marry data sources to enrich existing models and guide decisions regarding product improvements, buyer journey mapping, review generation success, and more. 

Make smarter go-to-market decisions

Get unique product, competitor, and customer insights by tapping into G2 Market Intelligence. Actively monitor macrotrends across your category, including shifts in market share.

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