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G2 Content + Uberflip Integration


  • Put G2 Content in the hands of your prospects and customers
  • Personalize content marketing to accelerate the buyer funnel
  • Convert more customers into advocates

​​​​The Uberflip integration is available to all G2 customers who are also customers of Uberflip.

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How it Works

With G2 Content integrated with Uberflip, you can include G2 Reviews, Reports, Quotes, Reference Pages, and Video Testimonials into each Uberflip content experience to prove your marketing claims. Let your best customer advocates tell your marketing story for you.

  1. A simple API Key setup syncs G2 Content including Reports and References Pages into Uberflip.
  2. Select which Hub will feature your G2 Content and the individual assets to display.
  3. Any new content can be synced over automatically on a daily basis with the integration toggled to ON.
  4. A new stream is created in Uberflip called “G2 Content Blog” where you can select how to display your assets throughout your Hub.

Learn more and activate the integration in my.G2.


Business Impact

Validated, personalized marketing

Appeal to each prospect's unique set of challenges, needs, and use cases. Sort your G2 Reviews by region, industry, and persona use case to build a relevant and compelling story for your audience.

Do more with less

Captivate your customers and prospects with the content that you already own. Feature homegrown marketing content and G2 Sponsored Content in a single Uberflip Content Experience.

Turn your customers into advocates

Let your happiest customers validate your marketing claims. Add authentic user-generated content into each Uberflip content experience to resonate with your audience.

Data Exchange


G2 Content

G2 Content


Content Hubs

Content Hubs



Next Steps

Already a G2 customer?

Activate this integration: log in to my.G2 > Integrations Hub > Uberflip.

Not a G2 customer yet?

Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration.

Not an Uberflip customer yet?

Get in touch with someone at Uberflip to schedule a demo. 

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