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G2 Syndication + UKG Marketplace

  • Display your G2 Reviews on UKG Marketplace for business applications
  • Build trust with your buyer audience with authentic user generated content from your G2 Profile
  • Help your prospects and customers make more informed decisions that streamline business growth
All businesses listed on both UKG and G2 benefit from this G2 Syndication partnership. 

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How it Works

UKG combines the strength and innovation of Ultimate Software and Kronos businesses. The UKG Marketplace allows business professionals to use and manage business applications in one simple and secure location. The business focuses on all things HR, workforce management, and human capital management (HCM) cloud solutions. The industry-centric workforce applications are built for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. 

Sellers listed on G2 and UKG Marketplace can leverage this partnership to connect with their audience through authentic and verified user-generated reviews. Give buyers instant access to the information they need to confidently and securely implement their business solutions.


Business Impact

Drive UKG Marketplace engagement

Offer your buyers convenient access to the information they need to confidently browse, purchase, and implement your software. Marketplaces where G2 Star Ratings and Reviews are displayed convert at a higher rate than those that do not.

Amplify credibility and trust

The G2 Trust Process ensures that your G2 Profile displays authentic and verified reviews from real customers. Meet your buyers where they’re already browsing for new solutions, and let true customer stories and experiences build trust with your buyers.

Expand your brand reach

Your UKG + G2 Profile is complete with all the details your prospects need to fully understand your product and how their peers use it. Expand your online reach by putting G2 reviews in another trusted marketplace your buyers use.

Next Steps

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Want to be listed on UKG Marketplace?

Get in touch with someone at UKG to be listed in the marketplace. 


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