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G2 Syndication + CDW

  • Display your G2 Profile content on CDW.com’s portfolio of business solutions
  • Garner more visibility for your verified and authentic G2 Reviews and Content
  • Help your audience make better, more informed software buying decisions
All Sellers listed on both CDW and G2 benefit from this G2 Syndication partnership. 

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How it Works

CDW is a Fortune 500 technology solutions provider to business, government, education, and healthcare organizations across the US, UK, and Canada. A core focus of CDW is helping its customers scale and grow with SaaS solutions.

The CDW marketplace lists thousands of expert cloud solutions and services for customers to browse and purchase. To offer consumers convenience and help them navigate the marketplace to make informed buying decisions even faster, CDW leverages G2 Syndication. Supplementing CDW’s pricing, technology specifications, and more, G2 Star Ratings, Reviews, and other content are displayed in marketplace listings.

G2 and CDW customers can leverage this partnership to build trust, drive engagement, and ultimately usage with their valued customers.


Business Impact

Drive CDW Marketplace conversions

Give your buyers the information and social proof from their peers that they need to find and confidently purchase your software. Marketplaces displaying G2 Star Ratings and Reviews generate higher conversions than those that do not.

Capture more interest and buyers

Expand the online presence and reach of your G2 Profile by ensuring it is displayed where software buyers in the US, UK, and Canada shop.  Consumers can view your G2 Reviews, Star Ratings, product Screenshots, Videos, and more, directly in CDW. 

Build trust with your buyers

Maximize the benefit from your G2 Profile which has been authenticated and verified through the G2 Trust Process. Meet your buyers where they’re already shopping, and offer information from users just like them to instill confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Next Steps

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Want to be listed on CDW Marketplace?

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