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G2 Syndication + ReviewTrackers


  • Monitor your customer voice and G2 Review metrics 
  • Generate and respond to G2 Reviews seamlessly
  • Maintain market awareness and acquire more customers

All ReviewTrackers customers will benefit from G2 insights directly in the ReviewTrackers platform. 

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How it Works

ReviewTrackers specializes in aggregating and analyzing online reviews from all major review sites, helping multi-product businesses discover and interpret key customer insights to optimize operations and build customer loyalty. 

ReviewTrackers’ Review Management Software leverages G2 Syndication to help you build strategy and take action on your G2 Reviews. The platform streamlines the process behind review campaigns, responding to reviews, and monitoring your software brand reputation.

Optimize your review collection and response strategy to amplify your customer voice, generate more reviews, and acquire more customers. 


Business Impact

Build trust and a positive brand experience

Collect, monitor, and respond to reviews directly in ReviewTrackers. Increasing and optimizing your G2 Review response rate presents information that buyers need to make an informed decision and builds credibility with your audience. 

Collect insights and gain a competitive edge

Gather first-hand product and experience feedback to increase your online presence and gain insight into how your top competitors stack up. Easily identify areas for improvement to enforce a positive experience and product adoption.

Next Steps

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